The Hangover: Movie Review

the-hangover-20090427020414963_640w*Warning Minor Spoilers*

The newest R rated comedy to come out; The Hangover does exactly what it sets out to do.  If you liked movies like Old School, Knocked Up, or Role Models I think you will definitely like The Hangover. The premise of this movie is very simple. 4 guys go out for a bachelor party in Vegas before their buddy’s big day. After a few scenes of introducing the characters which all are very funny but I must say that the character Alan the grooms kind of weird soon to be brother in law played wonderfully by Zach Galifianakis definitely steals the movie with his very comical lines and how he just overall presents the character.  During this time one of my favorite little tid-bits in the movie is where Phil played by Bradley Cooper, and seems to be coming on strong as a leading man in the film industry, is a teacher and scams his kids in bringing field trip money which is actually his Vegas fund. I just thought that was classic and who knows how many teachers actually do it.the-hangover-20090521021917226_640w

So anyway on the night of the party the last time we see all four of the guys together is on the roof of their hotel toasting to “a night we wont forget”.  Trouble is they did forget it.  Along to the next scene where we “wake up” with the cast and you can tell something crazy went down the night before.  With tigers in the bathroom and babies in the closet we are to be assured that this was not your normal bachelor party. There happens to be one huge problem though as the group wakes up, Doug the groom has gone missing.  The question comes to be what the f**k happened last night?the-hangover-20090521021939257_640w

This movie really reminded me of a more grown up version of Dude Where’s My Car? As none of the characters can remember a thing and they have gotten into a huge mess in the process.  So if you enjoyed that sophomoric humor you will enjoy this movie, which has just taken that premise up a notch, and threw it in Vegas.  Other than the 3 friends left searching around and finding clues to where the hell there friend could be there really isn’t much more to the plot.

Like I said before Galifianakis just steals the movie away from Cooper and Ed Helms, who don’t get me wrong are great at playing their parts of the pack leader and whipped boy friend but Glaifianakis will have you laughing the most throughout the movie.  There is a particular scene where he gets shot in the face with a taser gun that I’m sure you have seen in the trailer that just gets funnier every time you see it.  Along with how he interacts with the newfound baby is just priceless.

I have to say though that the very end of the movie while the credits are rolling are probably the funniest part of the movie and really brought the enjoyment of the film up a notch. As the credits roll they take you through screen shots of the night in question from a digital camera and I just lost it when these went up.

So if you’re in the mood to really laugh I would really recommend this movie to any R rated comedy fan. I’m giving it 4 out of 5 stars.



2 responses to “The Hangover: Movie Review

  1. Johnny Cooper

    That’s going to be us one day man. HAHAHAHA

  2. Johnny will definitely be the Doug of the group, considering he’s never on time and we spend half of our friendship looking for him anyway.

    Great review Neall!

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