Are you ready for Shutter Island?

shutterislandcast2The trailer for Martin Scorsese’s new thriller set to come out this Fall has been released, and let me say I’m extremely excited about this movie. I have been waiting for a scary movie that is actually scary and good much like Silence of the Lambs was back in the 1990’s.

I believe that this movie has a shot to do so with it having an excellent director attached like Scorsese and a Oscar nominated actor to carry it. Leonardo Dicaprio is the lead in the film along with Mark Ruffalo and Ben Kingsley also attached.

Here is the trailer below, let me know what you guys think of it, I know I’m excited.


3 responses to “Are you ready for Shutter Island?

  1. Wtffff, looks sick! Leo always plays the craziest roles. I’m definitely excited for it.

  2. This does look pretty awesome. And, it didn’t seem like they gave too much away in the trailer. I’m intrigued…

  3. Oh yeah, and did you photoshop that pic?

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