The Daybreakers Trailer

PHPHdRUTFZfPUS_mSo I know lately Hollywood has been trying to cash in on the new vampire phenomenon and it has almost become a stupid way to make a quick buck. That being said I just saw a new trailer for a movie called The Daybreakers which of course is about vampires, but I think that this idea is a very original concept for a vampire movie that hasn’t ever been done before to my knowledge. From what I get from the trailer, the movie is set in a world where vampires are not the minority and humans are. So what happens when all the human blood runs out? Its a very intriguing story line to me and I’m looking forward to hearing more about it. The Daybreakers star Sam Neil, Ethan Hawk, and William Dafoe all of which I greatly respect their works and are fans of at least one of their movies.

Now the movie doesn’t hit theaters till January 2010 but here is the trailer, let me know what you guys think


One response to “The Daybreakers Trailer

  1. I am intrigued….

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