Neall Brick

MeI would say I’m not the average guy haha, I live in New york City and go The Fashion Institute of Technology and major in Fashion Merchandising Management with a specialization in Product Development.

Before getting into the fashion world I played football for a good 7 years in California and Missouri and really do miss it. Its a bit of an adjustment to go from catching passes to merchandising mannequins, but I still love  the NFL with my favorite team being the St. Louis Rams.

I have great friends all over the country because I’ve moved about 5 times. I absolutely love movies, almost every movie I have seen I have gotten some enjoyment out of.

Anyway thats a bit about me thanks for checking it out and feel free to browse at your convenience.




One response to “Neall Brick

  1. I’m proud of you. I think you should put some of your cool football pics on your blog….
    Neall….do you love the fashion business????
    Well, I love you….so don’t let it “fu….k” you….You’re a smart kid……remember….grandpa always said…it is 99% politics……so suck up to those mangers as if they were your coaches……
    I’m always here for you… call me once a day…..I need you right now…

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